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When you turn to Linuxcare for administrative services, you gain access to world-class Linux expertise on major virtualization / cloud computing infrastructures (Xen, Amazon EC2, Oracle VM), distributions such as Red Hat, CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Debian and Ubuntu. With Linuxcare, you have a single point of contact for all of your infrastructure, system, application and staff augmentation needs.

Working with Linuxcare is simple. We have an advanced incident reporting and tracking system that allows you to easily engage our staff with any task. From research, to support questions, to working side by side with your staff the Linuxcare engagement model is designed to maximize your access to additional talent making the experience fun and productive.

We could help you set up applications on your servers to ensure availability. We can also help you configure and fine tune how this software works to fit your needs.


Amazon Web Services - Asia Pacific Launch


Helping customers create private clouds, and leverage public cloud computing resources is a core-competence at Linuxcare. Linuxcare runs it's entire company infrastructure securely, and at incredible cost savings compared to our previous datacenter and VPN based model. We don't just consult and preach the benefits of computing in the cloud - it's where we operate every day.

As part of the AWS Asia Pacific launch - we are pleased to offer a special get started package to new or prospective Amazon EC2 customers.




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