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Founded in 1998, Linuxcare is the industry leader in designing and deploying open-source business strategies and staffing solutions.

Linuxcare was the first company to focus exclusively on providing complete enterprise class consulting and professional services for Linux and Open Source environments. We offer talented, certified, and knowledgable engineers who can augment your staff and help you with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, and Ubuntu / Debian based systems. We also support most popular Open Source applications.

From business strategy and design to development, virtualization, integration, and deployment, Linuxcare arms you with the technology, services, and know-how that allow you to incorporate and use Open Source software with complete confidence.



Management Team



Dr. Scott Elliott
Chief Executive Officer


Scott has founded and/or managed small companies and major functional groups in large companies. Small companies have included Physical Electronics Laboratories, Addington Labs, AssistClick, Inc. and Chelix, Inc. Interim CEO or COO and assignments have included PetaComm, Inc. (Sunnyvale, Ca.) , InventQjaya Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), IQHarvest Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) and Jamo (Denmark). Larger companies have included Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies.


In addition to management and consulting, Scott has served on two Boards of Directors, holds two patents and has authored or co-authored over 50 publications on technology, R&D and Technology and Business Management.

Scott has a long history of leading service organizations. He was managing a global services group for Hewlett Packard Test & Meassurement Organization (now Agilent Laboratories) in the area of technical and business consulting, customer support and customer education. Later he founded and managed the Supply Chain Consulting Practice for Hewlett Packard Consulting. Scott is also the Founder of a management consulting firm called TechZecs LLC. He is a frequent speaker and instructor on management, technologies, and remo te collaboration trends in business and IT.

Scott holds Bachelors, Masters and PhD Degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cailfornia.





Spencer Bader
Director of Finance


Spencer Bader's 33-year career ranges from hands-on management positions in repetitive manufacturing of instruments to program management of engineered-to-order turnkey $2.5 million systems. Spencer has also managed many support functions such as order processing, customer service, master scheduling, planning systems development, procurement and contracts, logistics, and distribution and warehousing.Most recently he has been the CFO of the Somoma County Water Agency in California.


Spencer's experience as a line manager includes several new product introductions and planning for the obsolescence of other products. He has managed multiple shift assembly and test lines of a hundred people. He led hardware and software engineering teams of up to thirty individuals working on custom systems.

Spencer holds a Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard. His undergraduate degree is in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.





Butch Landingin
Chief Technology Officer


Butch Landingin has been developing software for roughly eighteen years, nine years of which he spent in the US, at Silicon Valley, mainly developing applications for the retail industry. One of the companies he worked for was Intrepid Systems, which was eventually acquired by Peoplesoft Corporation (which was later acquired by Oracle). He has been using Java and Linux even before their respective 1.0 releases. He even attended the very first JavaOne conference in San Francisco.


Butch is the author of an open source application calledSquishdot. Written in Python and Zope, Squishdot is a news and publishing application and one of the first of its kind. It is currently being used by KDE for their news site.

Locally, the projects he has worked on prior to joining Orange & Bronze include the web-based business name registration website for the Department of Trade and Industry and consulting work for MAPFRE-Asian Insurance Corporation.





Andy McCaskey
Director of Marketing


Andy McCaskey is a notable bridge between two cultures. He is a 35-year veteran of the technology world with technical and commercial experience who has made the leap into 21st century New Media marketing. His previous vocations include being a US Army Ranger, and systems engineering for Harris Corporation, General Electric, McDonnell-Douglas, the Tektronix Grass Valley Group, and later 15 years in Technical Marketing Management with Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies.


Andy is an enthusiastic and innovative early adopter, tempered with experience in large companies. He’s applied New Media production techniques to sales training, producing a regular podcast training series for over two years, plus a daily podcast on technology and business trends for over 5 years.

Andy completed the Purdue University Executive MBA program (MS in Management), and an MS Telecom through the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He was active in emerging marketing and business thought in the Fast Company Company of Friends leadership in the Chicago area, is a licensed Ultralight Sport Pilot, and a charter member of the Tech Podcast Network.





Sherry Ann Rescar
Director of Technical Services


Sherry Ann is a graduate of Computer System Design and Programming having attended the University of the Philippines and AMA Computer University. Sherry's entrepreneurial experience began shortly after university by establishing a software / content lab for Untangle Corp. (based in Silicon Valley) where she helped develop one of the most comprehensive web content filtering systems currently on the market. Two years later, she joined Techzes,LLC (based in San Francisco) as a market researcher identifying high-tech companies engaged in merger and acquisition activities. Sherry Ann also serves as the site editor for SDRNews - a leading technology news website. At Linuxcare, Sherry Ann oversees the entire service delivery operation.





Arthur F. Tyde III
Board Member


Arthur F. Tyde, founder of Linuxcare is an entrepreneur, Open Source industry pioneer, early adopter, writer, engineer, mentor, leader and motivator combining innovative technologies with prudent business acumen. With 20 years of business experience, Tyde currently serves as the Program Executive for High Performance Computing, Grid and Cloud Computing with Oracle Corp. in Asia Pacific. Prior to Oracle, Arthur held several notable positions such as Chief Operating Officer of Sputnik Inc., Chief Technology Officer of the Linux Foundation, and the founding CEO of Linuxcare.


He also established the Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) in 1995 which grew to become one of the largest and most influential gathering places for innovators in the early days of the Silicon Valley Linux scene. Arthur serves on the board, or as an advisor to numerous companies in the Open Source industry. At Linuxcare, he is both an investor and advisor.




Contact Information


Mailing Address:


Linuxcare LLC
1730 Kearny Street, Suite F3
San Francisco, CA 94133 USA






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